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Piston pump

Piston pump

A piston pump is a pump in which the fluid to be pumped, or the gas to be transported is moved by means of a piston. Piston pumps are mainly used for the drying of wet areas (think for instance of basements and pits) for dewatering and the bilge pump. Smaller piston pumps are used in pressurized water systems and boiler feed.

A piston pump works as follows. In the cylinder is a piston. The piston reciprocates, so that the space in a part of the cylinder is alternately larger and smaller. The cylinder is connected to a suction and discharge pipe. In the connection between the cylinder and these pipes are valves. These valves ensure that the fluid flows in the proper direction in and out of the cylinder. There are several types of plunger pumps: piston pumps with two outer valves, piston pumps having an external valve and an internal valve and piston pumps with only an internal valve. Are you curious about what piston pump is best suited for your job? Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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