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A pressurized water system installation is one with which the water is pressurized in a building or area. The pressurized water system consists of a pump, pressure regulator, expansion tank and a check valve. The expansion vessel is under pressure and is (partly) filled with air. The pump pumps the water supplied to the expansion tank until a certain pressure has been reached. The non-return valve provides a separation between the supply and the drain. The pressurized water system is used in places that are not connected to the water supply, to increase the water pressure in the water mains, flushing toilets, sprinkler systems, et cetera. When simultaneous use of multiple devices, the pressure on the water supply less, leaving a lot less water from your shower for example. To prevent this provides a pressurized water system, the right solution. Are you interested? Please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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