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Screw pumps

Screw pumps

The worm pump, also called mono pump, invented by Mr. Moineau. The worm pump is ideally suited to move difficult pumpable fluids, possibly with solids. The two main parts of the worm pump, the rotor (the worm), the rotating member, and the stator, the fixed part. The rotor rotates in the stator, and so presses the liquid through the moving chambers. Due to the resilient material of the worm pump, any hard particles are equally pressed away in the stator wall. Immediately after that, the particles are again incorporated into the liquid flow. The stator is usually made of rubber or plastic. Many of these varieties are available. Ask about the possibilities! Screw pumps are used in the processing industry for many years: recycling, manure and food. It is important that you choose the right pump. Because of the wide range of screw pumps, but there is always a suitable worm pump for you. Interested? Please contact us.

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